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1-800-685-9034 info@pacificstorage.com Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Serving Sacramento & the Central Valley for over 150 years.
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Pacific Storage Company was founded with
an old truck and a marvelous dream.

The old truck is long gone, but the dream still lives on.

Pacific Storage Company is the parent company to Pacific Records Management,  Pacific Shredding, Data Destroyers and Pacific Logistics & Relocation. Established in 1856 by Charles and Jacob Wagner as a tannery business, the company moved into commodity storage in 1928 and records storage in 1965. Today, Pacific Storage Company and it’s Family of Companies offers a broad range of services to small, midsized and large businesses.

The Family of Companies

In 2021 We Have Reached Our Goal of 100,000,000

Pounds of Recycled Paper

We Have Saved:

931,170 Trees100%
109,549,462 Pounds of Paper100%
383,423,117 Gallons of Water100%
492,973 Barrels of Oil100%
35,603,575 Kilowats of Energy Saved100%
180,757 Cubic Yards Landfil Space 100%
9,037,831 Gallons of Gas 100%
3,286,484 lbs of Pollutants out of Atmosphere100%