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The Pacific Story

Established in 1856

Pacific Storage Company’s origins date back to 1856 when it was known as Pacific Leather Tannery. German-born Charles and Jacob Wagner, attracted to the riches of California during the Gold Rush, established this business in Stockton on June 25th, 1856. Captain Charles M. Weber, the founder of Stockton, deeded an entire square city block for the Wagner family and Pacific Tannery.

Leather processed by the Pacific Tannery was shipped to all parts of the United States, as well as Japan and China for use in making shoes, harnesses, and other leather goods.

The tanning industry grew exponentially in the Asian Pacific, causing a sharp decline in operations at Pacific Tannery. As a result, Pacific Tannery ceased operations in the middle of the 1920’s. With the tannery business behind them but the infrastructure still standing, the Wagner’s found a new use for the original Stockton buildings: commodity storage. Thus, in 1928 after purchasing a truck to assist in the transportation of goods, Pacific Storage Company was born.

In 1932 Pacific Storage Company became a Bekins Moving and Storage agent where they were the second oldest and third largest Bekins agent in the United States, with warehouses throughout Northern California.

In 1956, Pacific Storage entered the record storage business and began to increase their service offerings. These services include paper storage, media storage, document shredding and document imaging. To better reflect the numerous product and service offerings, the name of the record storage division was changed to Pacific Records Management. Expanding throughout Northern California, Pacific added locations including Sacramento, Modesto, and Fresno.

After the entering the record storage business, the natural progression for Pacific was to enter the document destruction industry. Shredding became such a success for Pacific Records Management that it eventually became its own division in 1979 known as Pacific Shredding.

Since then, Pacific Shredding has increased its pounds of paper shredded and recycled every year. In 2020 alone, Pacific Shredding has shred and recycled over 12 million pounds of paper.

In 2016, after noticing the increased demand for the destruction of large volumes of data storage devices and electronics, Pacific Storage created Data Destroyers. While other data destruction services require sending in electronic equipment to be destroyed, Data Destroyers sends a state-of-the-art destruction vehicle that utilizes GigabiterTM technology to a specified location, allowing the customer to directly hand off and supervise the destruction of hard drives, solid state drives, and other electronic devices.

After deciding to exit the Interstate Household Goods moving business, and its affiliation with Bekins Van Lines in 2017 and spurred on by the gradual shift in demand towards logistics and distribution services, Pacific Storage sought to reimagine their office and relocation department. This led to the creation of Pacific Logistics and Relocation in 2018. Operating out of Sacramento, this division specializes in office and warehouse relocation, distribution services, logistics and project management, decommissioning and final mile delivery throughout Northern California.

Pacific Storage Company still occupies part of the original tannery site in Stockton, which includes a four-story structure which is now the corporate headquarters and warehouse for a portion of its record storage business.

Pacific Storage Company was founded with an old truck and a marvelous dream. While the old truck is long gone, the original building still stands, and the dream still lives on.

  • 1852


    Spurred by the California Gold Rush, brothers Charles and Jacob Wagner arrive from Germany and settled in Stockton, California.

  • 1856


    Pacific Tannery was founded.

  • 1879


    In 1879 Pacific Tannery expanded to cover four blocks of downtown Stockton and 100 employees – one of the largest companies in California.

  • 1885


    The Pacific Tannery, operated by Kullman, Wagner 7 Co. was one of Stocktons most successful manufacturing establishments. Located at the head of McLeod Lake, hides and tan-bark could be transported by ship directly into the plant by passing through the El Dorado Street drawbridge.

  • 1928


    In 1928, due to a decline in leather sales to foreign countries and a rise in freighting charges, Pacific Tannery converted it’s tanning facilities and entered the commodity storage business.

  • 1932


    To reflect it’s current business, the company updated it’s name to Pacific Storage Company and incorporated as such in 1932. The company also become agents for the Bekins Moving and Storage Company and thus entered the moving business.

  • 1962


    In 1962, Pacific Storage Company entered the records storage business.

  • 1975


    In 1975, Pacific Storage Company introduced an office and relocation division, eventually becoming Pacific Logistics and Relocation.

  • 1977


    In 1977, Robert Foy was named President and CEO of Pacific Storage Company.

  • 1979


    In 1989, Pacific Storage entered the document shredding industry.

  • 1982

    Charles W. Wagner named Chairman of the Board.

  • 1982


    In 1982, Pacific Storage expanded north and opened it’s first Sacramento office.

  • 1995

    Chet Turney named President and CEO.

  • 1998


    Gregory Tudor named President and CEO.

  • 1998


    Richard Steed named Vice President of Pacific Records Management.

  • 1998


    Acquired (bought) Hussey Moving and Storage.

  • 2000


    Became Bekins shareholders

  • 2004


    In 2004, Pacific Records Management surpassed 1 million cubic feet of record storage.

  • 2004

    In 2004, the company acquired Auburn Van & Storage.

  • 2006


    In 2006, Pacific Shredding hit the milestone of 2.5 million lbs. of paper shredding/recycling.

  • 2007


    In 2007, Pacific Records Management built our first media vault built in accordance with NFPA 232 Standards for the Protection of Records.

  • 2010


    In 2010, Pacific Records Management surpassed 2 million cubic feet of record storage.

  • 2011


    In 2011, the expanded business operations into the Fresno area by acquiring Cen-Cal.

  • 2012

    In 2012, the company acquired DOCUstor Central Valley.

  • 2012


    By 2012, the company was shredding and recycling over 4 million lbs of paper on an annual basis.

  • 2016


    In 2016, Pacific Storage Company founded Data Destroyers offering on-site destruction of data storage devices and electronic waste.

  • 2017


    In 2017, the company reimagined our office and industrial relocation services into Pacific Logistics and Relocation.

  • 2018


    The organization shredded and recycled over 10 million lbs of paper in 2018

  • 2019


    In 2019, the company acquired (bought) American Mobile Shredding increasing our shredding presence in Central and Northern California.

  • 2020


    As of 2020 Pacific Storage Company shreds and recycles over 12 million lbs of paper on an annual basis.