Pacific Vision

The Pacific Storage Company Creed

Our Guiding Principles

Pacific has grown and prospered since 1856 because, through the years, it has developed and followed a creed—a set of guiding principles which now have been formalized. This creed, which serves as the basic guide to management, is as follows:

We Believe that our primary obligation is to the customers whom we serve. Their satisfaction is our success. We must give quality service at a reasonable cost and on the highest level of business integrity.

We Believe in the human dignity of the individual employees who, together, are Pacific. We deem it our obligation to:

  • Promote individual opportunity through guidance and training.
  • Provide security and peace of mind through quality supervision, steady employment, and sound employee benefits.
  • Provide the opportunity of belonging to a first-rate organization with full realization of the attendant obligations the individual must share – honesty, loyalty, self-discipline, desire to grow, and above all, to make a real contribution to the success of his fellow employees and the Company.

We Believe that we are an integral part of each community we serve and that we are obligated to assume our civic responsibility.

We Believe we have an obligation to operate the business at a fair profit. Profits have made it possible for share owners in our Company to reinvest earnings for its continuous growth and development.

Above all, We Believe in the preservation and promotion of moral and spiritual values. Such values must continue to be the guide for our conduct in business and personal affairs.

In Brief ...

We must do RIGHT as defined by the GOLDEN RULE for

Our Customers            Our Employees
Our Community           Our Share Qwners

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