Pacific Shredding Crosses 100 Million-Pound Milestone for Paper Shredding & Recycling

STOCKTON, CA, November 1, 2021– Since 2005, Pacific Shredding, a part of the Pacific Family of Companies, has shredded and recycled one hundred million pounds of paper.

Pacific Shredding has been reducing waste and caring for the environment by tackling the most-used office supply: paper. While paper generation has been declining in recent years, the EPA reports that the U.S. still generates well over 90 million tons of paper each year, and much of it is wasted. Pacific Shredding is working hard to lower that number through business and community outreach and education.

The process begins when Pacific Shredding collects its secure paper containers from Central Valley businesses. They sort the paper, shred, and recycle it into all kinds of paper-based products from newspaper to tissue. Now, companies can re-use the paper all around the world and the process can start over.

“Pacific Shredding and the Pacific Family of Companies are committed to paving the way toward a greener future by dramatically reducing waste. Our process requires no additional effort on the part of businesses, but it has a major impact on preserving our planet’s most precious resources.”

-President and CEO Greg Tudor

By recycling 100 million pounds of paper, Pacific Shredding and its clients have helped save:

  • 800,000 trees
  • 450,000 barrels of oil
  • 150,000 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 35 million kWh of electricity
  • 100 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 350 million gallons of fresh water

While this paper shredding milestone is major for Pacific Shredding, the company also continues to work on destroying electronic waste (e-waste) with their Data Destroyers division. In today’s world that is so saturated with electronics, these items make up tens of millions of metric tons of waste each year. Just like with paper, Pacific Shredding’s process for e-waste destruction produces 100% recyclable materials.

For more information about how Pacific Shredding is protecting the planet and the future with their work, visit their website at


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